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Income Brain is an online blog that was created and founded by Ebube James Okwuoha, he started blogging since 2016 and created this blog 25th January, 2018. 

The name Income Brain was form from his idea of creating a software that would be programmed to think of how to make passive income with less struggle and stress. Created with the aim to share geniue ways of making residual cash and passive income business ideas.

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If you have understand the goal of our blog and would like to start a Passive Income Business today, contact us.

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If I may ask "Why Do You Want To Start A Passive Income Business?" did I hear you same something, Answer me at the comment section below this post.

Do you know that there are some passive income business you can start today and continue to make money from it both now and the future, Some of the business are done online while other can be Network Marketing according to Robert Kiyosaki.
But, this is the real way to create Passive Wealth by Building Your Own Business.

There are some Business you can start doing online todaay that would guarantee your way of creating a life time cash flow both now and forever.

Firstly, we posted on the world internet business that has truely turned some persons into a multi- millionaira,  with an initial capital of their knowledge which is Teaching Online Business.

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