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No downtime, No Hacking. Create a responsive website with bluehost
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Product Name: Bluehost Webhosting/Domain Name

Product Price: Depending on the plan you choose. See Plan »

Product Description:

Bluehost is powering over 2 Million + websites and blog on the internet online and non has experience downtime, they have won so many award for their good customer service and support. Bluehost was founded by Matt Heaton in Dec 2003 with the goal and aim to become the best and #1 webhosting company in the world. 

Webhosting Plan Available on Bluehost

  • Shared Hosting.
  • Dedicated Hosting.
  • Wordpress Hosting.
  • Reseller Hosting.
  • VPS Hosting.
  • Hosting Features.
IncomeBrain Rating: *****

Wordpress Set Up & One-on-One Training
Product Name: Wordpress Set Up & One-on-One Training

Price Price: Free

Product Description:

We help and teach you how to install wordpress, set it up and complete tutorial on how to use wordpess self host on Bluehost using our affiliate link (only).
You would also get;
- Technical Support.
- Customer Service (Any Time).
- SEO Training.
- Secrets Of Making Money Online (Workshop Program).
- Custom Email Address Creation like
- Blog Creation.
- Wordpress Web Design.
- And lots more... etc.

Send Us A Message To Help You Set Up Your Wordpress Site.

Chatbot Set Up & Training

Product Name: Social Media Chatbot Set Up & Training

Product Price: ₦15,000 - ₦5,000

Product Description:

We help you Create, Set Up Automation (AI), Grow your Subscribers and convert them to paying customer with one click. We create chatbots for your business on Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram etc.
Contact us today to know more.

Product Name: Platform Launch

Product Type: One-on-One Training Program (Whatsapp Private Live Chat)

Product Plan: 

Basic - 2 Days (Free)

Gold - 2 Weeks + 2 Days (₦2,500)

Silver - 4 Weeks + 2 Days (₦4,500)

Pro - 8 Weeks + 2 Days (₦8,000)

Product Description:

A one-on-one personnal training with me on whatsapp plus voice chat/video calls to help you launch your own platform online.

It is hosted online, that is you can be at any location in the world and still enrol for this training. I take you by hand and show you the platform and tool to use to start your teaching online business.

Product Name: Affiliate Business God

Product Type: PDF file

Product Price: Free - Cross Sale! (You have to get the Teach Online Book to get this book for free)

Product Description:

This book cover from beginners stage of affiliate marketing business to professional strategy in earn more commission from promoting other people's products online, it also teach you how to start a successful affiliate marketing business online and build it to a stable income business.

I also shared top affiliate program to join for free and get their approval and my affiliate income earnings, affiliate marketing is one of the top most online business to start for free and make money without limit or getting banned one day.

Let me share some great secret why you should start affiliate marketing business today as a blogger or student who want to make fast money online, I know that some affiliate program is very difficult to approve your application especially for nigeria and most nigeria affiliate or making money online program is a big SCAM but in this book, I would show you all legit affiliate program to join and get paid as you drive in sales for them foreign or local affiliate program that is trusted by influencer online.

There are many ways to make money online like millions but only few are legit and really pay, let say from what is trending.

You make money from advertising programs, let me ask you a simple but complex question - How many blog posts can you write and share to make $1000 in a week or let say month?

100,000 blog post?

Can gou as an individual handle this task every month?

And let say you get 300,000 view to those post, you would definitely get paid why I know because I am using it as I currently wrote this book(s). But let say you were able to drive this exact view to an affiliate that pays you $100 per refer and out of 300,000 view a month 20 persons took action, how much would you be able to earn a month =  [Answer].

You see affiliate marketing is powerful, profitable and easy, just copy and paste affiliate link were important on your site or blog or make it as a review, a how to guide and you see people using your link to join.

I guess, I just explain what is affiliate marketing at a glance.

You can google how to start affiliate marketing on google search and youtube and do you know what, millions of answer would show up and boom!

You are confuse after 30 days, and you start searching again.

In this book, I poured out all I know about affiliate marketing (my experience since 2017).
All I would tell you now is to give my brain a try and if I am unable to deliever to you, do not ever buy any other my material or product again and I  am giving you 14 days warrantee.

So, the ball is on your court.

Would you down this book, if yes. Download instantly now 👇

Product Name: How To Start A Profitable Online Teaching Business With Nothing

Product Price: ₦2,000

Product Status: Coming soon (Pre- Order Now - @ ₦1000)

Product Description:

Do you wish to teach something in your field and make good reputation as an expert in your field and make more money by teaching and selling your knowledge to your followers, in this book you would discover secret tools, website and app most coach use to become a highly paid coach and how the make money.

If want to start teaching online as a part - time or full time business and you do not have all it takes or can't afford them, In this book I would show you the simple low price tools with high quality to use and where you can get them.

That is not All.

Is this your first time here this or have nothing to start with, no problem.

What you would learn:

This is not just an Ebook you buy and read online the first page and forget the name of the book as days pass, After you download this book, In the introduction page I include a link to a secret facebook group - a challenge group that motivate to achieve your goes not just reading a bulky text and never use it.

Ok, if you are not on facebook - I have a whatsapp personal business account you can contact me and I would guide you until you launch your own online school and start making money as a course creator. The whatsapp number is at the first page of the book.

Many add the this at the button of the books but I add my at first page, because I want it to be the second step of what you would do as you begin to use the book. I want to help you get success at all cost.

One last thing, who is this boook for?

Not only for teachers but for those who want to share and teach their knowledge with a wide range of students and make passive income from it.

Click here to see, if this book is for you. 

Is This Book For Me? Answer Here.

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