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Website is becoming more popular than ever but, too expensive to own and manage as an average income earner or Student, NYSC Corp etc, which ever categories you fall under. 

Almost everyone is earning online from their site(s), going Digital and becoming influencial.

Professional Blogspot Set Up Service - IncomeBrain Tech Team

So, Whatever is your Purpose of wanting to have a Website of your own. It can be DONE.


The platform that you do not own, you can't control.

Let me share with you a brief story of my journey only that made me pulled out my ATM card and made a decision of building my own platform (website/ blog(s)).

If you have been following me from the onset, you would notice my unusual behavior on Facebook & Whatsapp!

Not as if they aren't good to showcase your talent(s) but you can wake up one day and discovered that Oga Mark has changed his policies and your so called group or page is no more.

I prefer YouTube to Facebook Live Videos.

I prefer Membership Site to Whatsapp Group.

Well, I am just managing Facebook Group & Pages because my audience like it.


But, here is the bitter truth and Sweet Spot!

Facebook Team Unpublished my 5 Facebook Pages without my Notice, my blog link blocked and banned without any solid reasons.

My ChatBot Not Found on Chatfuel after some months of Hard Work.

Facebook Team has an hand on this, Yeah!

It made me go lazy for 2 years depending on Free Traffic but I got blocked and banned after 6 months later.

I know what I want to achieve, not what it may cost me .

It is better to start building your own platform that you can do any thing you want, need or like than been controlled by Mark Sugarbag Team.

Enough of  Mark & His Policies Rule!

What is A Blog & Why Should You Own A Blog Today. 

Let's find out here,

First, A Blog is a mini website that can be easily managed by a CMS - Content Management System.

It can also be managed and edited by a non techy guy!

I hope you know what a Website mean?

A website is the interlink of different web pages with responsive functionality.

Another thing that makes have a Blog, Stew is that it has the Potential and Capacity to make you the owner cool cash and become an influencer.

This one no be Yahoo!

It is legit, General know and accepted.

Anyone can easily create a blog but building it to become Professional and Profitable is were the deep pit fall is, that is why many create blog and quiet after 3 - 6 months.

Not because blogging is not the right hustle but, they fail to follow the Rule of Law that is behind the Blogosphere.

Blogging can;
Boost your Career,
Make you a Digital Marketing Expert,
Make You Build A True Financial Income Source. 

Today, without a good ground on digital marketing,  you would find it difficult to get the job of your dream. That is why many keep asking me if there is a school to learn Digital Marketing.

I would tell them yes but too expensive and time consuming.


Why not learn and Earn mastering Digital Marketing through managing your own blog.

Now, learning how to create blogs and build blog can be time consuming and kind of techy for some.

That is Why,

IncomeBrain Network want everything done for you by hiring a real tech team to do every hard part in creating a blog for you and make you focus on building and making money from your blog.

IncomeBrain Tech is a team of internet gurus that has good ground in whatever services they offer from start to finish like creating a Responsive and Professional Website and Blog with our Drag and Drop Software.

Here is what to expect from your blog created by IncomeBrain Tech Team:


#1: Professional Design.

#2: SEO  Optimisation.

#3: Traffic Wells.

#4: Fast Loading.

#5: A Money Making Blog.

Normally,  if you are to go to Fiverr or Upwork to get a developer or Web designer guy, it would cost you not less than $100+  which is ₦36,000 or more but we are going to give you a Sales Off Rate that you can get elsewhere from Highly Professional Web Designer.

Rather than paying normal ₦15,500 we charge our clients in the past, because we want everyone to own a blog created by IncomeBrain Tech Team, you can pay Just ₦3,999 and get everything done for you within 48hrs.

Trust me on this, we know that is Crazy!

Here is an offer you can't get elsewhere,

All above features included plus,

* Free dot NG Domain Name like, and

That is not all Sir/Ma

Also talking about going digital,  You may like to use Facebook or Google Ads to get More Traffic (more people) to know your products and services exist, so we would also help you handle any techy part you would face running your online Adverts (Ads).

And Get More Leads!

Las, Las,

If you do not have Social Media Presences, we would create any top social media brand account you want for you;

Facebook Page + Group (linked together).

YouTube Brand Channel (ready to Monetizated).

Twitter Brand Account.

Instagram Brand Account.

(Service on Demand)

All for ₦3,999 Only.

What More Can A Digital Agency Do For You @ Such Rate?

Do you want this Services Done For You Today?

Pay To our Administrator Account:

Bank Name: FirstBank of Nigeria Plc.

Account Name: Ebube James Okwuoha

Account Number: 3123316887

After Payment,

Send Proof Of Payment to

Or Send proof  of Payment on Whatsapp: +2347055487338

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