Privacy Policy

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 Incomebrain Policies 

Privacy Policy 

We at Incomebrain Team wish to say this that we protect the reputation of our readers and will not share your personal information to any third parties (others like; other website, Blog or to anyone) without your permission.   If you found out that your data Was used without your permission please contact our support team here, we will resolve the problem within one week of the complain sent to us.   We may also contact you via this means you provided.    

Content Policy 

Content are protect under the copyright of Incomebrain and Google inc, All Right Reserved.   Incomebrain Provide valuable content and are new to search engine that is has not been used or written elsewhere not even on any webpage or website, image may be similar but contents and Topics are not the same.   However, we have zero tolerance for our contents been stolen or paste on other websites or blogs and platform to generate income or other objectives. We only accept our links been shared, promoted or for reference purposes.       Comments Policy  We appreciate all your comments and questions from our readers all over the World. Please do not spam the Comment box with links and insultive or abusive speech, Comment violating our policy, Terms and condition will be remove from this website. Do not insult each other in commenting but give your own point of view and opinion blissfully.    For Trademarks policy and disclaimer.
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