Buy 4G Data Bundles At Cheap Rate

Do You Have A Need For DATA Bundles?

If yes, then you have just landed on the right place to get one that won't tear your pocket.🔪

The rate at which we consume data online today is 50% higher than the number of times we consume water and food.

Without Data, We can't access the INTERNET!🚶


We use Data to come online to do business like sending product samples to our customers.

To make online payment for shipping.

To make Research on the internet as a student.

To stay connected as to our co-workers online.

The Need For us to BUY DATA at Cheap and Affordable price is a good idea, I guess .

How expensive it is for us to buy 1GB for ₦1,000 from our regular network for just a validity of 30 Days, when you can get same data (1GB) for ₦500 for 90 Days +

The reason why you are still on expensive data plans is because of lack of INFORMATION.

Check your Regular Network plans and compare with ours.

Buy Data From IncomeBrain Network At Cheap & Affordable Rate

Buy Data that last long online.

Compare our plan with your network data plan, you can use this code to check;

MTN - *131#

Glo - *777#

Airtel - *141#

9mobile - *200#

After you might have finish comparing, you can make you final decision on who will be your Data Vendor henceforth.

If you Pick Us to become your new Data Seller, you can contact us any time of the day to get your data for you.

Mtn Data

500mb for 90 days - ₦550
1gb for 90 days - ₦650
2gb for 90 days - ₦1,200
3gb for 90 days - ₦1,600
4gb for 90 days - ₦2,100
5gb for 90 days - ₦2,600
10 gb for 90 days - ₦4,800

Glo Data

920mb for 10 days - ₦500
1.8gb for 30 days - ₦900
4.5gb for 30 days - ₦1,800
7.2gb for 30 days - ₦2,300
12.5gb for 30 days - ₦3,600
15.6gb for 30 days - ₦4,600
25gb for 30 days - ₦7,200

Airtel Data

1.5gb for 30 days - ₦1,000
3.5gb for 30 days - ₦2,000
5gb for 30 days - ₦2,500
750 mb for 14 days - ₦550

9mobile Data

500mb for 30 days - ₦500
1gb for 30 days - ₦700
2gb for 30 days - ₦1,400
3gb for 30 days - ₦2,000
4gb for 30 days - ₦2,600
5gb for 30 days - ₦3,200

You can contact us on:

Call:  08181381174

Whatsapp Number: 07055487338


Twitter: @incomebrain

Facebook: @incomebrainNetwork

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