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Today, I am going to show you the exact method on How To Create And Sell Digital Products Online with no Idea of what to create or sell.

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There are many Digital Products to create or already exist wish is delivered in different format for easy consumption and use, one of the most popular besting selling digital product are E-book(s) and Courses, others are not that trending as these two I just mentioned above.

{To make this post article easy to read and get the main points you are looking for, I have decided to create a quick clickable TABLE OF CONTENTS and you can jump to any section on this post by clicking the Heading Title on the TOC}

Table Of Content

+ What Is A Digital Product.
+ Types Of Digital Products.
+ How To Create Digital Products.
+ How To Make Money Creating & Selling E-Books Online.
+ Tools For Creating A Professional Digtal Products.
+ What You Will Need.
+ Summary.

(Selling Digital Products Simply Means Selling Online)

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Types Of Digital Products That Can Make You Money Fast:

  1. Video Tutorial.
  2. Audio.
  3. E-Work Book.
  4. Membership Sites. ✔️
  6. Premium Plan.
  7. Software.
  8. Online Personal Coaching
  9. Courses.
  10. E-Books.
There are others that fall under one or two of this format here that I did not mention but let get thing easy here friend, let's start with the quick and simple one - E-Book.

In the rest part of this article, I am going to teach you How To Create A Professional E-Book Like A Pro To Make $$$.

So, Are You Ready! 🏴🚩



First Step:

Download Google Doc Application from Google Play Store (Download Latest Version Here)

Second Step:

Create A New Document and type all your content and customize (Edif).

Third Step:

Design An E-Book Cover with website like; Adazing, DIYCover and 3D Cover and have design like mine here 👇

Fourth Step::

Convert And Save Your Document Draft In PDF (Portable Device File) and Upload it to your Google Drive and make it shareable to everyone. Copy the sharing link.

Fifth Step::

Go to Google Direct Link website and input the link you copy and generate a downloadable that whenever someone click one the link instantly download your PDF File.

Sixth Step:

Use link shortner tools to shorten the link like, or other link shortner you know and start sharing your work to the public free or paid.

Method 1 is typically for beginners and quick method to get your content publish as ebook online, but if you goal is to make money from your ebook and make it automated, Method 2 and 3 is for you and I would show you how to sell your ebook without using Paypal in Nigeria or even a website to sell your ebook.

It is frustrating to create an ebook and use Paypal to sell and can not recieve the money here in Nigeria to your local bank, I would show you how to sell your ebook automatedly and collect/recieve the money here in Nigeria fast using Paystack.

For more advance guide on how to use your Smartphone to create and sell an Ebook online.

Go and download this guide 👇

Click Here To Download Your Copy Now


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    1. Usama la, more are in the Ebook.

      Download it by clicking the link.


      Send me a message if you find any difficulty downloading it.

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