How To Attract More People To Buy Your Digital Products And Services Even If You Charge High - (High Ticket Closer Secrets)

Why People Don't Buy Your Digital Product And How To Make Them Beg You To Buy At Any Price.

Here in this post, I am going to show you to seductively sell anything to anyone online at any price you charge.

Table of Contents

* The Art Of Selling
* The Act Of Seduction
* Law Of conviction
* Use The Crowd
* Master Content Creation
* Content Monetization

Do not create a product that Nobody Would Buy, if you want to launch a digital product and want to record high sales - know if your product can solve your target audience problem like the best medince for the problem.

Let me share with you a short story to explain my first point, imagine you were seriously ill and could not do anything you normally do when you were healthy and now you could not even get up from the bed without help. Three days later, the sickness became stronger than Iron man and your physical health change to something else and your room mate took you to hospital to see a doctor and after test has been taken and other required process was set, you were asked to get some drugs from the pharmacy and you and your room mate went to get the drugs and to cut the long story short, you got home and start taking the drugs as described by the pharmacy and few days later you got your health back and was happy again. Do you know what, you would never forget the name of those drugs you took while you were ill. And you would always recommend those drugs to other who are facing same challenge you faced before and also recommend the doctor as an expert.

Sames Techniques Goes For The Art Of Selling


The Art Of Selling is almost the same for all product just that some product are not quick sell, what do I mean.

Some product like your popular noddles (indomie) have high consumption rate than selling the consumption of building material (cement) and also their prices are not same, like ₦50 can get anyone a noddles and it is consumed by all.

Let analysis this consumer behaviour for online digital product.

Some digital product are consumed at high rate than others for example, those browse the Internet regularly are young people like 85% young and 15% Old ones. And only few young individual are willing to invest money on what you sell, other want it for free.

Then, how can you make a living selling digital products if only few buy.

Let me share with you few secrets pro use to make people buy their products.


Before you can become a successful online marketer you have to understand every pros and cons in online marketing business, practise and test every promotional marketing strategy from organic marketing to in-organic marketing strategy. You must be good in your grow measurement and analytic data.

Do you know the meaning of the word TRAFFIC?

I mean online Traffic, not road traffic jam.

You must be good at pulling lot of traffic to your free contents, if you want to sell fast. What do I mean, Put yourself in the position of your targeted customer and their current financial status and see if you can buy that product at that price you charge. If No, you have to work on pricing but if yes and the product really is a problem solver. Then, focus on Traffic Generation for this would let you know if your product would sell well.

You need to start by pulling traffic to your free resource or products like Ebooks, Video tutorial and free course etc. You can create a focus facebook group and teach what you want to sell for free.

That is crazy but you would use it sell your high for your paid content and that would speak for you as an expert. Many do not know that there is a law in this game, in the next chapter, I would tell you all the secret laws of online marketing.

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Let's continue...


You have to know how to persuade people to buy what you sell, or make them choose your product because there are many kind of your product in the online marketplace, what would make yours stand out is your ability and the power of your converting skill.
Inside the book, I show you some pratical steps I did not mention here and the one word that make customer go find their credit card and make purchase on your sales page. Also, you have to prove to them that what you are sell is what they need and the only way for you to do that is after creating a captivating sales page, you need to pull in much traffic from different source to see your product as much as possible, run paid ads, go and place it on bill boards, banner and run contest to promote it. Do give away and ensure you are alway at their screen to make them believe you.

The price is not the problem why you have not been selling but it is your marketing strategies that is the problem.

A product shown to 10,000 people can make 1000 buy the product, 8,000 know that a product like this exist and 4,000 forget you show them the product.

Now, with the new online marketing promotion method like running facebook and google ads make lot of people to see your product. But would you keep spending money running ads everyday for all your product if the sales outcome is small like 2 - 10 sales.

That is why in the book, I show you how to use the crowd to make more money form your first ads.

I shared the other part of this strategy in this book, download it now.

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