How I Lost A ₦2 Million Naira Contract Deal Today - True Life Story By James

It was like a dream to me, but I have to move on.

₦2M is very big to just forget like that.....

Well, it was partially my fault and the fault of the engineer. I 'm an installer who install Foreign doors and Water Collector, I was been called to work for the Engineer, so I didn't got the work direct.

That affected my payment, voice and responsibity.

My Client need another product to complete his building project which I am also into but I was talking with the engineer about it to patronize me and get them at discount price but he finally went else where to buy and our client saw me at my shop after buying the goods from another person and said "what, is this business you are into, you never told us. You just bought it elsewhere and we bought a quantity worth of ₦2million + "..
I felt like slapping the Engineer.

Lesson I Learnt From That :

  1. Do not just focus on one source for Publicity.
  2. Do more talking about your business and what you sell 99.9% than normal discussion.
  3. Make sure you get closer to clients personally to know what else they want to buy.
  4. Look Professional at first sight.
  5. Do not trust your thinking or an unclose sale to be successful.

What experience have you encountered doing business outside with Engineers and middle men?

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